Saturday, March 15, 2008


The second book in our 'grandpas and grandmas' Special Double Issue (see below) is about driving truck, which is what Maya's Papa Ray does for a living.

Drive, by Nathan Clement, shows a day in the life of a truck driver. Daddy wakes up a 4 A.M. to begin his day. He works hard, stopping for a bite at the truck stop, and hurries home to spend time with his son.

The illustrations are very stylish computer-generated pictures. Clement is a graphic designer making his debut picture book. And he creates a nice feel here.

The themes are pretty universal for a truck driver, so if you have one in your life you'll recognize some of them. I remember early morning breakfasts, riding along before insurance made that difficult, pulling the air horn, eating at truck stops, etc.

Someday I know Maya will be reading books like this with me and Papa Ray so she can learn a little bit about him.

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