Monday, March 24, 2008

Skeleton Hiccups

Whew, Maya and I have put in a long day coming up with five books for our FIVE-DAY MONSTER MARATHON. For the fifth and final book, I needed to find one more. I'd hoped to stop at the library to pick up Mo Willem's Leonardo, the Terrible Monster, but just didn't have time. So I grabbed something from Maya's book shelf that will add a little diversity to the group.

Everyone has a theory about how to get rid of the hiccups. I drink water, but I like Patty's "I'll give you a dollar if you hiccup again." I can always use the pocket money.

But what if you're a skeleton? Getting the hiccups can present some unique difficulties. Skeleton Hiccups, by Margery Cuyler and illustrated by S. D. Schindler, explores the possibilities.

Skeleton wakes up with the hiccups, and they won't go away. He tries to go about his day, but finally his friend, Ghost, decides the hiccups have to go. Ghost has Skeleton try all of the traditional remedies-holding his breath (the air gets in anyway), eating sugar (it just pours out his jaw), drinking water (same result), drinking water upside down (water pours out his eyes), and pressing fingers over his eyeballs (there are no eyeballs).

After trying to scare Skeleton himself, Ghost finally thinks to grab a mirror. Ah, that does the trick.

Every line is followed by "hic, hic, hic". Don't pass these over. In fact point the words out and let your child say them on cue. Remember this helps them to recognize that words on the page correspond with what you are saying.

Don't save Skeleton Hiccups for Halloween. Kids will love it year-round.

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