Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Little Rabbit Who Liked to Say MOO

Don't you just love those books where animals make the wrong noises? Books like Bark George. I know I do. What an opportunity for some silliness. Kids accept that the things they know are the way they are, and if you play with those truths, the result can be hilarious. But remember that with great power comes great responsibility. What that responsibility is I don't know, but I thought that sounded cool.

Jonathan Allen mixes things up with The Little Rabbit Who Liked to Say MOO. A curious little bunny decides he likes the sound a cow makes, so he belts out a MOO. A calf comes by wondering why the bunny would want to say something like that. Little Rabbit explains that rabbits don't have a big sound, so why not.

Sounds fun. The two agree that BAA is a fun sound too. So they yell BAA, bringing a lamb by. The craziness goes on like this until a host of baby animals are coming up with fun sounds they don't usually say. When the duckling asks what their favorite sound is, each agrees their own is best....Except Little Rabbit.

The computer animated artwork is cute, similar to Ed Emberly's fingerprint art. There are soft shapes with a few strategic lines drawn in for eyes, mouth, etc.

The animals look like they are having a rollicking time, so you should too.

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