Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hondo and Fabian

Yesterday a mother and daughter were in the library who have just discovered Peter McCarty. They love his artwork as much as I do. In their honor today we'll talk about Hondo and Fabian.

Hondo the dog and Fabian the cat are friends. On this day Hondo goes off for an adventure while Fabian stays home. The text compares their days. Hondo plays with his friend Fred at the beach, while Fabian 'plays' with the baby. They both have fun in their own way, and they eye some tasty food they'd like to eat.

When Hondo comes home, he and Fabian greet each other through the window. They eat side by side and resume their favorite sleeping places.

Hondo and Fabian is one of those quiet, gentle books that children love to have read to them. And I cannot say enough about the gorgeous artwork. With colored pencil and watercolor, McCarty expertly uses stippling and shading to create a soft texture that is easy on the eyes.

Also, don't miss the action-packed follow-up, Fabian Escapes.

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