Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's on my Head?

What's on my Head?, by Margaret Miller, is a great board book with photos of babies with various things on their heads. Some are to be expected like a fancy hat or a pretty bow. Others are silly like a froggy or a rubber ducky.

This will be a silly fun book to read with Maya when she knows each of these objects. It's fun now too.

Early Literacy Tip of the Day

It's okay to read books that are just silly and fun. There's probably more going on than we realize anyway. But a silly book that your child enjoys fosters one of those early literacy skills, Print Motivation. This means simply your child is interested in books.

Later on, if your child is struggling with learning to read, it's that interest that will help him/her to not give up. They'll want to read because they have good feelings associated with books.

This is from Every Child Ready to Read @ Your Library

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Anonymous said...

Ooo! This looks like a great 'real picture' one for Addy. She absolutely adores 'Global Babies', and is one of the few books she will ask me to read over & over; the other one is 'Go Baby Go'. Thanks for the great tips, Larry!
(Oh, and I like the new ELT of the D!)